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We are pleased to announce that we have a new section for local shops and businesses located in the “Heart of Swanage” which are a group of smaller shops and businesses which lie in Commercial Road and Kings Road East which make up 'The Heart of Swanage'. You can see the businesses who currently have a free listing on the Virtual Swanage website at
28 March 2024
2023 to 2024 Site news and stats

2024 marks our 28th year at the Virtual Swanage website and we would like to thank all the businesses and organisations who have supported us in the past 28 years. Today the website has 29 accommodat

November and December updates

Welcome to the following businesses who have added their information to the Purbeck Directory at Virtual Swanage. Swanage RBL - a friendly social club that welcomes its club members and the public si

Website stats update for the past 12 months

Below is a table showing the visitor stats for the Virtual Swanage website for the past 12 months. Since updating the design of the website a few months ago we have seen a noticeable increase in both

August 2023 Website Update and News

In the past few months, we have been working on many changes to the website behind the scenes, which improve the speed and compatibility of the website with both mobile and desktop computer users. Th

New Directory listings

Welcome to the following businesses who have added their information to the Purbeck Directory at Virtual Swanage. Jo Porter - Jo is a printmaker who specialises in linocut printing. All Jo's prints a

We are now on Mastodon

We have set up a new social media account on the mastodon website to promote our events and photos. You can follow our new account at

Our 26th Year and Onward

It has been a long time since we have posted in the Virtual Swanage blog, but we have been busy working on the website and adding new content and photos over the winter and spring. Our photo gallery

25 Years of Virtual Swanage

25 Years ago, we started the Virtual Swanage website with 5 pages, now we have over 2250 pages of local information, events, photos and business listings. For our 25th anniversary we have launched a

New directory listings for September 2021

We would like to welcome the businesses who have submitted their details to the local directory at Virtual Swanage Swanage Emporium in Swanage -

Gallery updates with tags

We have been busy working on a new image tagging system for our large local photo gallery at With the new image tags which are located below the images desc

13 new Gallery Images

We have added 13 new photos of the area to the gallery from the early 19th century.

Three new Directory Listings

Welcome to The Salt Pig Swanage in Swanage who have a new listing in the Local Directory at Virtual Swanage Welcome to Cyclex