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Area Information

Kimmeridge is a small village located in the county of Dorset, England, about 9 kilometres (6 miles) southwest of Wareham and 22 kilometres (14 miles) east of Dorchester. It is situated on the Jurassic Coast and is known for its picturesque coastal setting and proximity to the popular Kimmeridge Bay and beach.

The village of Kimmeridge is charming and peaceful, with a small community of residents. The village's main street is lined with traditional thatched cottages, many dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries.

One of the main attractions in the village is the St. Nicholas Church. This beautiful 12th-century church features a mix of Norman and Gothic architecture. The church is open to visitors and is a popular spot for photography.

In addition to the church, the village of Kimmeridge also boasts an interesting history. It was once a thriving centre for oil and fuel production, and visitors can still see evidence of this past in the form of old oil storage tanks and pipelines that can be found around the village. Overall, the village of Kimmeridge is a charming and peaceful destination that offers visitors a glimpse into the history and culture of the area. Its proximity to the popular Kimmeridge Bay and beach and its picturesque setting makes it a great place to spend a day exploring.

Kimmeridge Bay and its beach are a popular destination for visitors looking for a picturesque and secluded spot to enjoy the area's natural beauty. The bay, a part of the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site, offers a variety of activities for visitors, from swimming and snorkelling to rock pooling and fossil hunting.

The beach at Kimmeridge Bay is a mix of pebbles and sand, with a steep incline leading down to the shoreline. The clear and clean water makes it perfect for swimming and snorkelling. Visitors can also enjoy the many rockpools that can be found along the shore, which are teeming with sea life, such as crabs, anemones, and starfish.

One of the main attractions at Kimmeridge Bay is the opportunity to hunt for fossils. The bay is renowned for its rich fossil beds dating back to the Jurassic period. Visitors can find a variety of fossils, including ammonites, belemnites, and even dinosaur bones.

The surrounding cliffs at Kimmeridge Bay are also a draw for visitors. The cliffs are made up of soft shale and clay layers, which have been eroded over time to create a unique and dramatic landscape. The cliffs are also home to various seabirds, such as guillemots, razorbills, and kittiwakes.

For those who prefer to relax and take in the scenery, several picnic spots are located around the bay. The area's prominent and exciting feature is the stone tower situated south of Kimmeridge on top of the Cliffs. The tower was built in the 19th century by Rev. John Richards. Visitors can also enjoy a meal at the nearby pub or café.

Overall, Kimmeridge village, bay and its beach offer a wide range of activities and sights for visitors to enjoy. Whether you're interested in swimming, snorkelling, fossil hunting, or simply taking in the natural beauty of the area, there is something for everyone at this unique and picturesque destination.

Getting There

From the A351, turn right at the roundabout for Blue Pool. Continue along this road for approximately 4 miles until you reach a crossroads. Go straight across, following the sign for Kimmeridge for 3 miles until you reach the village.

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