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A Bee Orchid at Durlston Country Park

A Bee Orchid at Durlston Country Park

A Bee Orchid at Durlston Country Park

Bee orchids, scientifically known as Ophrys apifera, are captivating and unique orchids native to the United Kingdom. They belong to the family Orchidaceae and are named after their distinctive flower structure, which resembles a bee in flight. The term "Ophrys" comes from the Greek word for "eyebrow," referring to the furry appearance of the flowers.

Bee orchids are terrestrial orchids that grow in the ground rather than on trees like some other orchid species. They typically bloom from May to July and can be found in various habitats, including meadows, grasslands, sand dunes, and coastal areas.

One of the most fascinating aspects of UK bee orchids is their unique pollination strategy. The flowers have evolved to mimic the appearance and scent of female solitary bees. Male bees are attracted to the flowers, mistaking them for potential mates. As the male bees attempt to copulate with the flower, they inadvertently pick up pollen packets known as pollinia, which then get transferred to other bee orchids they visit. This peculiar method of attracting pollinators ensures the orchids' reproductive success.

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Image Ref: VS 2409

Year: 2023

Copyright: Andrew Dorey

Photographer: Andrew Dorey

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