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Swanage Sea Rowing Club
in Swanage and the Isle of Purbeck

Swanage Sea Rowing Club, formed in 2001 now boasts over 150 members. A registered charity, it promotes ‘sport for all’ - encouraging members to take part in Regattas and numerous other competitive, social and recreational initiatives. We are always happy to welcome new members, from juniors to seniors! Committed to providing our local community with a healthy and enjoyable pursuit we are constantly thinking up new fundraising ideas to provide more facilities for our members.

The Club currently owns two Cornish Pilot Gigs- ‘Old Harry’ and ‘Peveril’ which have travelled as far west as the Isles of Scilly to compete in the annual World Championships and east to London for the 22-mile Great River Race.

If you would like to give gig rowing a try come along to the Old Stone Quay on 4th June and we will ‘show you the ropes'. Our Open Day will start from 12pm. All ages and abilities are welcome.

You can visit our Facebook page on facebook.com/groups/56231058969



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