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Swanage town centre enhancements in 2020

work plans road map

In late 2019 work started on Swanage town centre enhancements to the pavements and roads for Station Road and Institute Road and was completed in June 2020.

The scheme aims to improve safety and enhance the roads which has a heavy concentration of both pedestrians and vehicles in the same narrow street in Institute Road.

Once the scheme has been completed the pavements in Institute Road will be wider with new loading bays for businesses and also a narrower crossing in Station Road for pedestrians.

The photos below show the work in progress. Click on the photos to view large versions.

Map of changesMap showing planned changes.
Institute Road.Institute Road before the work started.
Traffic Island removal13th January 2020 - After removal of the traffic island between Station Road and Shore Road.
Traffic Island removal25th January 2020 - New road layout at the South end of Station Road being built.
Traffic New Crossing17th February 2020 - New road crossing at the end of Station Road.
Traffic Island removal17th February 2020 - New road work starting in Institute Road.
Traffic Island removal17th February 2020 - New road work starting in Institute Road.
Station Road Crossing21st February 2020 - Station Road new crossing almost complete.
Traffic Island building21st February 2020 - New loading bay in Institute Road and new traffic island started.
Traffic Island26th February 2020 - New traffic island almost complete.
New kerb stones installed26th February 2020 - New kerb stones installed in Institute Road.
Institute Road and Shore Road traffic Island23rd May 2020 - Institute Road and Shore Road traffic Island.
Work progressing in Institute Road23rd May 2020 - Work progressing in Institute Road.
New Pavements in Institute Road13th June 2020 - New Pavements in Institute Road.