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Gourmet Goats Dorset in Swanage

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We are a Boer Goat Farm in Purbeck, Dorset.
Why Goat Meat:
- Goat meat has 50-60% less fat than Beef.
- Goat meat has 40% less saturated fat than
- Goat meat is low in cholesterol.
- Goat meat is high in iron.
- Goat meat has ounce for ounce the same
calories as Chicken.
- Goat meat makes up 80% of the total meat
consumed worldwide.
- Goat meat is very lean and flavoursome.
- Taste is described as a cross between Lamb,
Beef and Venison.

Goat meat can be prepared in the same way as many other meats. With mince, chops, rolled loin, sausages and many other joints available it is a perfect substitute for the more health conscious person.  


Gourmet Goats Dorset
Nursery Bridge Farm, Valley Road

BH19 3DX

Phone07811 061132

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