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Rempstone Forest to Corfe Castle


Off Road Ride
19 miles
Start From:
Victoria Avenue Car Park, Victoria Avenue, Swanage
Total Ascent:
140m (approx)
Swanage, Studland Heath , Rempstone Forest, Corfe Castle, back via Kingston , Langton or the Priests Way. Some steep climbs on and off road and open off road tracks.


01 - Start of ride - Start at Victoria Avenue Car park, exit Car park,right then left up Northbrook Road

02 Northbrook Road and Darkie Lane - At mini roundabout continue straight ahead up Darkie Lane and follow road to right past Y junction until you come to the main road T junction

03 Ulwell Road and Darkie Lane - Turn left onto Ulwell Road

04 - Y Junction - Turn left at junction and proceed up steep hill.

05 B3351 Junction - B3351 Junction - Turn right at top of hill and follow road past golf course until you come to a small clearing on your left with a wooden gate and 3 parking spaces.

06 B3351 Parking Area and Gate - Turn left through gate at small parking area on left and continue SA for approx. 300 meters past open area of the golf course.

07 Y Junction - Turn Left where Track splits off and follow track along the edge of the golf course

08 Franks Tank - Follow signposts bridleway past edge of golf course and continue until you come to a wooden date next to a large metal water tank with”Franks Tank” written on the side. Through the gate and continue straight ahead

09 Bridleway Junction - Turn right onto bridleway track and continue straight ahead

10 Cross Roads - At cross roads, turn left onto tarmac road and continue to next cross road junction.

11 Cross Roads - At junction continue straight ahead onto rough track, this track can be muddy in winter.

12 Meaduss Lane - At junction with road, turn right and then left around corner and follow road until you come to a cross roads.

13 Thrashers Lane - Cross the cross roads and go through narrow entrance and follow forest track to your right until you come to a road.

14 Road - Continue straight ahead across the road onto rough track and wooden gate. Go through gate and continue on well defined track across open field, go straight ahead at next gate and continue down hill to small stone bridge with gate over a stream.

15 Stone Bridge - Go over stone bridge and follow track through trees until you come to a wooden gate, go through gate and follow track to your left back to the tarmac road.

16 Road - At tarmac road turn left and follow road until you go over a railway bridge and then come to a T junction

17 T Junction - Turn right at junction and then left on roundabout following signs for Corfe Castle

18 Village Square - At the village square turn right into West Street and follow road through village untll you come to a cattle gird on the edge of Corfe Common

19 Corfe Common - Go over cattle grid and follow road across the common until you come to a farm.

20 Farm - Go through farm yard until gate at far right corner and then follow rough track up hill to Kingston village.

21 Junction - Turn left into Kingston Village, a good place for a pub stop. Continue through village and go straight ahead at next junction next to pub. Follow hill up past church on your left.

22 Worth Matravers Junction - Turn right at T junction and follow road down to Worth Matravers

23 Square and Compass Pub - Turn left at Pub and follow road back out of village until you come to bridleway sign on your right.

24 Gate - Turn right at gate and sign for Priests Way across open field and then onto Priests Way track.

25 Priests Way - Continue SA and follow the Priests Way down towards Swanage for approx 1.5 miles

26 Gate - At gate, turn sharp right and then SA at gates until you come to a old quarry works

27 Gate - Turn left at gate and quary and go down narrow track to second gate, go straight ahead at gate.

28 Narrow Bridleway - Turn right and follow narrow bridleway to unmade road at back of houses.

29 Priests Way - Turn left onto Priests road and follow road until you come to Gordon Hill

30 Priests Road and Gordon Road - Turn left down Gordon Road, then right at bottom and follow road down hill, go SA at next junction

31 Northbrook Road and Court Road - Turn left at railway bridge and follow road SA back to start.

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Please take care when cycling or walking near cliff edges or steep paths.