Wareham Forest Walk

A level walk round Wareham Forest. Start in car park approx 0.8 miles from the junction on the A35 on the Sugar Hill road.
Approx: 4.85 miles

  Location Description Latitude Longitude
1StartAt car park cross road.50.73888-2.18179
2Off RoadFollow footpath into forest in a south west direction and continue SA at junctions.50.73845-2.18175
3Wooded areaAt wooded area continue SA50.73476-2.18261
4Y JunctionAt Y Junction continue SA until you come to an open field with house50.72527-2.18714
5JunctionTurn left and follow path back into trees50.71896-2.18005
6T JunctionAt junction turn right50.72053-2.17803
7X RoadsAt cross roads continue SA until next T junction50.72116-2.17513
8T JunctionAt T junction turn left and then left at the the next junction. Follow twisty track until you come to outward track at point 4 then turn right and follow track back to start of walk 50.72275-2.16657