Corfe Castle to Creech and back via Nordon Farm

Corfe Castle to Creech and back via Norden Farm
Approx: 4.31 miles

  Location Description Latitude Longitude
1Step 1Walk out of the car park and cross the road, you will see a gate opposite, go through it and follow the footpath along the edge of the castle until you get to a bridge.50.64211-2.05902
2Step 2Cross the bridge and follow the footpath west along the lower edge of the hill, through a gate and small wooded area.50.63952-2.06207
3Step 3When you come to a split in the path go right up a steep chalk path with a gate half way up. When you get to the top of the hill continue west through several gates until you come to the road.50.63924-2.07344
4Step 4At the road you will see a small gate on your right, go through this down the side of the hill and through the gate at the end out onto the road. Continue along the road heading north.50.63853-2.09920
5Step 5At the T-Junction continue north.50.64279-2.09685
6Step 6When the road turns off to the left you will see a footpath on the right under some trees. Go down this footpath heading east for about 0.3 miles until you come to a junction with a lake and bridge on your right.50.64522-2.09635
7Step 7Go right across the bridge up a steep slope and follow the path for another half a mile until you find a stile on the right that leads out into a field.50.64550-2.08884
8Step 8Climb over the stile and head south through a gate and up the hill until you get to the woodland.50.64551-2.08006
9Step 9When you get to the woods go left along the footpath that follows the bottom of the hill for approximately 0.6 miles.50.64275-2.07925
10Step 10Continue along the base of the hill until you come out to an open field next to the castle.50.64266-2.06562
11Step 11Cross the field heading south and you will come to the gate where you started your journey.50.64231-2.06243
12Step 12Cross the road back into the National Trust car park.50.64170-2.05930