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Swanage Gold in Swanage

Can Jake Barton unravel the mystery of the Swanage Gold?
Jake Barton is staying with old family friends in the Easter holidays because his mum has to work. He hears the myth about how Victorians, John Mowlem and George Burt rescued Danish gold bullion from the seabed in Swanage bay. Fascinated by the legend of the gold Jake teams up with his new friend, Becky, and they embark on a treasure hunt around Swanage. They follow the clues left behind by Mowlem and Burt and endeavour to discover the lost gold without being caught by a local crooked businessman. Will they ever find the gold? There's only one way to find out....

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Jake and Becky explore some of Swanage's legendary locations and landmarks
The Great Globe at Durlston Country Park
Ballard Down Obelisk
The Mowlem Centre
Gee Whites
The Stone Quay
Does an old gold watch hold the clue to the whereabouts of the lost Swanage Gold?

Can Jake and Becky find the clues and crack the codes that will lead them to the lost treasure? They must keep out of the clutches of a local crooked businessman while they follow the trail left by George Burt and John Mowlem. Will Mark Abbott find out what they are doing and try to stop them?

The clues and codes that they must decipher are based upon real places and events around Swanage as well as extracts from John Mowlem's real diary.

John Mowlem and George Burt were real people who lived in Swanage in the 19th century. Mowlem was Burt's uncle and they worked together in the quarry and construction business in London. George Burt became known as the "King of Swanage" after he managed to bring a permanent water supply to Swanage as well as the railway and passenger ferry. He built the famous Durlston Estate that is filled with curiosities from London as well as the Great Globe.  

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Swanage Gold
Station Road

BH19 1AD


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